What Is ePacket Delivery?

What Is ePacket

ePacket delivery is one of the most popular shipping methods. It is offered by merchants from China and Hong Kong and is one of the fastest delivery methods that allows you to ship internationally. You can use China Post to monitor your ePacket tracking numbers for your customers.

Formerly, products purchased from China were shipped by sea. This meant delivery could take 8+ weeks. This also meant that your customers had to wait longer to receive their products. Or, you’d have to purchase the product at a higher price from a US based supplier which can eat into your profit margins.

Fortunately, ePacket tracking shows that most orders come within 30 days. When you check your ePacket tracking data, it’s likely that you’ll notice many packages arrive sooner. There are several considerations to make regarding using ePacket delivery. For example: ePacket regulations, the location of your customer base, and how to track ePacket deliveries. This guide will cover these topics and more.

What Is ePacket Delivery?

ePacket delivery is an agreement between the US Postal Service (USPS) and Hongkong Post. The goal is to increase international ecommerce sales for China. It allows for faster ePacket delivery of products coming from China and Hong Kong to a number of different countries. Merchants can send small packages weighing up to 2 kg (4.4 lbs).

The value of the package also needs to be less than $400.

What are the Benefits of Using ePacket?

As the name “ePacket” suggests, the shipping service was formed for ecommerce purposes, in order to make it faster and more affordable for customers to receive their purchases from online stores and marketplaces that shipped from China and Hong Kong.

ePacket became so successful within the US that they began expanding internationally. The list of countries that have access to ePacket is constantly growing.

Prior to the introduction of ePacket, the China EMS was the alternative that was relied on for affordable delivery of customer products. The downside of this however was that it would often take more than a month for the customers to receive their orders. Any other alternative option available was far too expensive, especially considering the price of the product.

Alongside cost and time efficiency, ePacket offers a variety of other benefits to buyers, including:

  • Door-to-door China ePacket tracking: The ePacket delivery provides customers the option of end-to-end tracking, without paying any additional costs. This is a huge benefit for them to be able to monitor the location of the package. The ePacket can easily be tracked on official websites such as EMS and USPS.
  • Free returns on any undeliverable items: Another benefit to the customers is the sense of security they get knowing that any undeliverable item is returned, without any additional expense. This in turn, improves the customer-merchant relationship, as the online merchants will be able to provide refunds on any packages that were not successfully delivered to customers.
  • Payment of postal customs: Any customs, duties, and/or taxes must be paid by the recipient of the shipment. As the ePacket delivery goes through regular custom clearance, customers might be required to pay any applicable taxes and duties. 

Keep in mind that it’s not possible to offer free shipping on all products. If the package is under 24″ x 36″ and less than 2kg, it qualifies for ePacket shipping. Notably, this type of ePacket delivery method must be shipped from either China or Hong Kong. Thus, if certain dropshipping vendors have products shipping within the US, customers cannot benefit from ePacket shipping in that specific case.

Which countries have ePacket shipping?

There is a growing list of countries that are able to benefit from the affordable China Post’s ePacket service. Updated: December 2017.

  1. Australia
  2. Austria
  3. Belgium
  4. Canada
  5. Denmark
  6. Finland
  7. France*
  8. Germany
  9. Greece
  10. Hong Kong
  11. Hungary
  12. Ireland
  13. Israel
  14. Italy
  15. Japan
  16. Korea
  17. Luxembourg
  18. Malaysia
  19. Mexico
  20. Netherlands
  21. New Zealand
  22. Norway
  23. Poland
  24. Portugal
  25. Russia
  26. Saudi Arabia
  27. Singapore
  28. Spain
  29. Sweden
  30. Switzerland
  31. Thailand
  32. Turkey
  33. Ukraine
  34. United Kingdom**
  35. United States***
  36. Vietnam (currently in a trial run)

* France: Packages can be shipped to mainland France with zip codes that start with 01 to 95. The packages cannot currently be shipped to overseas territories, including Corsica, Guadeloupe, Martinique, French Guiana, Reunion, St. Pierre and Miquelon and Mayotte.

** United Kingdom: Packages can be shipped to mainland UK as well as the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.

*** United States: Packages can be shipped to all states, territories and military addresses within the United States.

Source: China Post ePacket Fees and Regulations, ePacketExpress

Average ePacket Shipping Times

Mexico: 20 business days

Vietnam: 5-7 business days

Russia, Ukraine and Saudi Arabia: 7-15 business days

All other supported countries: 7-10 business days

Weight Limit

Israel: 3 kg

All other supported countries: 2 kg

ePacket Tracking – How to Track ePacket Delivery from China

One of the greatest perks of using China post’s ePacket shipping service is the ePacket tracking facility. It may be a bit tricky to keep track of all your parcels, especially when shipping a large amount at once. Customs, foreign postal services, and other barriers might hinder the tracking of any single item, let alone a large number. The tracking information can be very valuable to the customers so that they can know the location of their delivery. This also helps prevent any customer concerns regarding scams, if say, their package is not delivered within the given time frame.

It is important to learn how to track the ePacket. ePacket shipping also features ePacket tracking and delivery confirmation in the US Postal Service network.

The ePacket tracking codes must be obtained through your supplier. You can track ePacket shipments by using USPS , ePacket China Post, or sites like 17track.net. Most suppliers on the Oberlo Supply marketplace offer ePacket delivery, so you’ll be able to get your products to your customers promptly.

You can find a tracking code by going to Oberlo > My Orders, and you’ll see the tracking code next to all of your fulfilled orders.

If you’re subscribed to the ‘Basic’ or ‘Pro’ Oberlo plan, you’ll be able to click on the product and you’ll see the shipment status instantly. This is what you’ll see when you click on the product:

However, if you’re subscribed to Oberlo’s ‘Starter’ plan, you’ll need to track your order manually using an external website — we recommend using 17track.net.

ePacket and Dropshipping

When it comes to dropshipping, most products are manufactured in China or Hong Kong. Naturally, many suppliers are also based in this part of the world.

The ePacket China post is one of the reasons why dropshipping products are relatively inexpensive to source. Many have asked themselves, “why buy a cheap product if shipping fees are high and wait times are long?”. A lot of times online shoppers are lured into products due to their affordable price, but once they’re about to checkout they are greeted with high shipping charges, or a long shipping period which might make many reconsider their purchase.

ePacket delivery drastically cuts down the shipping time for dropshipping orders. This allows your customers to get faster delivery, which maintains your business’ positive relationship with them. Increased customer satisfaction means that you have a higher chance for future orders, as well as higher profits from lower shipping costs. Due to the increased efficiency in delivery times, a customer in the U.S. might also be more willing to do business with a China or Hong Kong based supplier, which increases the likelihood of potential business.

With the undeniable benefits that ePacket shipping has for your dropshipping business, it should be one of the main considerations for you when deciding which products to dropship. Not only will you benefit by lowering the costs, but you will also be able to keep your customers happy with a reasonable delivery time. ePacket is offered as a free or inexpensive shipping option. This means that online merchants dropshipping with Oberlo Supply, will be able to offer free shipping to customers. It’s a very reliable option for both merchants and customers, as any other shipping options may not be as reliable, or way out of budget. If the majority of your customers are based locally, you will have the speed of delivery to use as an advantage. Reliable and timely delivery is a very important factor when starting a dropshipping business, which cannot be overlooked if you aim to gain the trust of your customers.

The ePacket delivery is offered by merchants as a shipping option from China on websites such as eBay, AliExpress, and Oberlo. However, the ePacket shipment is not limited to just the aforementioned. If a package that is being shipped meets the requirements for an ePacket delivery, it can also be shipped with China Post’s ePacket service. A product delivered with ePacket shipping is typically delivered within 7-30 days. The delivery method to the US is typically faster than other countries around the world. This is likely due to high order volumes from the US due to the size of their population allowing for more frequent trips. Yet, compared to standard ePacket China Post deliveries (sometimes up to 60 days), countries around the world receive their packages much faster when using ePacket shipping.

Pro Tip: Using Oberlo, you can quickly find products that have an ePacket delivery option available using an overlay filter:

People want instant gratification, so reducing shipping times will help you to make more sales. A core reason why Amazon has dominated other retailers is the ease of purchasing a product and low shipping times. Fortunately, you can still meet the needs of your customers with ePacket tracking and delivery. Thus, customers will still receive products quickly but at a fraction of the cost of an American made product.

The lower your shipping time and costs, the more likely customers are to buy from you. Your business will also have higher the margins from low business costs. Luckily, even if you have to pay for ePacket delivery, with the right product price, your business can easily absorb the cost of using ePacket China post tracking and delivery. Fortunately, most ePacket deliveries are either free or only a couple of dollars.

In addition, using ePacket tracking and delivery changes the game for ecommerce entrepreneurs who want to buy products from Chinese suppliers at a low cost, while maintaining quick shipping times for their customers.

Customs with ePacket Shipping

Customers may have to pay for customs or taxes on their products. This isn’t an ePacket shipping issue but an international shipping one. The ePacket delivery goes through regular custom clearances, which is the reason why the customers might require to pay any applicable taxes and duties. For best-selling items, you may want to contact your suppliers to find out about customs fees.

Additionally, it may also be beneficial to ask the shipping merchant if they are aware of any duties or taxes owed on arrival to the destination. They might have an idea beforehand of the regular shipping taxes/duties that may incur.

Notably, products with ePacket to Canada, or other international countries, may have slightly higher shipping fees and lengthier delivery times. Often, free ePacket shipping is only for the US. You need to look up the countries you serve manually to ensure that ePacket tracking and delivery is available internationally. Hence, if you always target the same countries, you might want to check if they have ePacket before importing them into your store. This helps to ensure that every customer who can benefits from the ePacket China post delivery option.

You now have a strong understanding of ePacket — congratulations! Now, you’re ready to incorporate this delivery option onto your ecommerce store. Doing so is likely improve customer satisfaction and boost your conversation rates. For more tips and tricks for improving your dropshipping process, feel free to have a look around our blog.

Want to learn more?

How do you plan to use ePacket China post delivery in your dropshipping business? Leave your answer in the comments below, as we read every response.

  • Idan

    Why epacket estimated delivery time, now showing 13-20 days, which use to be 7-15 days few weeks back?
    What has changed? and is it really take longer now?

  • Adam

    The Estimated Delivery Time in Aliexpress is confusing. It keeps changing from 10-15 days to 20-40 days and vice versa. This is for the same supplier within the same hour. For someone who’s still new, this could be very confusing. Why does it keep changing and how to deal with it?

    Another point is the tracking URL that you should be using when fulfilling an order in Shopify. For ePacket delivery, which URL is the best? Is it better to provide US customers with the USPS tracking URL instead of the China Post one?

  • Louis, plush-sale.com

    We do have the same problem here, Need to change estimated time every day ! not funny.
    Can we adjust our auto-selling price setting into Oberlo using epacket added to the cost price ?

  • Hi @disqus_jrf364ZhmS:disqus,

    I can’t tell you for sure, but from what I’ve heard (from our partners in China) it’s a temporary bug. The shipping timeframe for the US hasn’t actually changed – ePacket is rolling out services in the UK, FR, and other countries and since the delivery timeframe there is longer, AliExpress is mixing up the delivery times for all countries.

    Another widespread theory I’ve heard from other dropshippers is that AliExpress has increased the estimated delivery time just to make sure that the packages arrives on time (even though nothing has changed).

  • Hi Adam,

    I’ll copy my answer from another reply:

    I can’t tell you for sure, but from what I’ve heard (from our partners in China) it’s a temporary bug. The shipping timeframe for the US hasn’t actually changed – ePacket is rolling out services in the UK, FR, and other countries and since the delivery timeframe there is longer, AliExpress is mixing up the delivery times for all countries.

    Another widespread theory I’ve heard from other dropshippers is that AliExpress has increased the estimated delivery time just to make sure that the packages arrives on time (even though nothing has changed).

    We always suggest to use http://17track.net/ (it tracks everything from China Post to EMS and SF)

  • @louisplushsalecom:disqus ,

    RE: estimate time, read the comments below. I’m afraid you can’t import the ePacket costs – and I’d suggest to import only the product that has free or below $2-3 ePacket delivery option.

  • Idan

    Thanks Tomas.

  • Adam

    Thanks for the clarification. It makes sense now.

  • Rahim Boghani

    Hi, Then why would consumer buy from us and not from aliexpress?

  • @rahimboghani:disqus, I answered this and other FAQs about AliExpress Dropshipping here: https://www.oberlo.com/blog/why-you-should-care-about-aliexpress-dropshipping/

  • Roi Mulia

    Hey. As far as i understand the “best practice” would be picking items which has ePacket delivery.
    Tho, not all countries has an ePacket. So for example :
    i’m picking a product which cost me 2$ + 2$ on the ePacket shipping. So i’m selling the product on my store for 10$. Everything goes smoothly until 10 customers from Brazil buy this product from my store. I’m checking on AliExpress how much it’s going to cost me, and suddenly i see that the only way to ship it’s about 35$. How can we avoid the scenarios? Exclude counties which doesn’t have ePacket? so for each product i have to check each country shipping costs? What would you advice?

  • Ruchika Johal

    I am opening an online store and would like to know how I can restrict customers from the countries where e-packet facility is not available.

  • You should exclude those countries from your Shopify Settings page (Shipping Section). For more information: https://help.shopify.com/manual/shipping/rates-and-methods/manual-rates

  • Hera B

    @tomasslimas:disqus would appreciate if you can share your inputs here.

  • nanaskidsessentials

    I want to find suppliers who have e-packet shipping, can I sign up for Oberlo and aliexpress to do my research before signing up for the 14 days shopify free trial, I dont want to wast the free trial researching suppliers
    Thanks Mary

  • Nicole

    Hi Mary, you can actually download the Oberlo Chrome extension to see which products have epacket and do some research before signing up for Oberlo and Shopify. Here’s a picture so you can see where to add the settings to only see ePacket products. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a2114150a0c553b77dc0152305e8a08f743cd67373116c46a1958d160c1c1de5.png

  • nanaskidsessentials

    Thank you Nicole that’s fantastic and so quick to reply

    Much appreciated 🙂

  • DH82

    Just curious idle anyone else has been experiencing longer than usual delays on epacket deliveries? Many items say they are either ‘en route’ for weeks and weeks, or preparing for dispatch in China for many weeks. I’ve had a bunch of these issues lately. Most orders go through fine but about 30% don’t lately…

  • K Pk

    We don’t have custom or duty fees if valued under $2000. Of course, if we want to ship something out of the country, our customers have to pay insane custom and duty fees, on top of insane shipping cost. No worries, we have plenty of waitress jobs here in the states and the waitresses can now use their meager salaries to buy cheap products from China.

  • Mike Lorde

    what do epacket tracking numbers look like? does it start with LP?

    and can you explain what each of the following mean? I have a feeling my suppleir is just messing around claiming free epacket (total item+shipping was 1.80$).

    Order time & date: 17:25 Jan. 16 2017
    logistics is posted as “Yanwen Economic Air Mail”.

    017.01.31 20:42 (GMT-7): 【8,BEIJING】Outbound clearance completed successfully and loaded to airline
    2017.01.31 16:42 (GMT-7): Received by line-haul
    2017.01.31 04:42 (GMT-7): Security check success
    2017.01.31 04:42 (GMT-7): Outbound clearance completed successfully and loaded to airline
    2017.01.22 17:48 (GMT-7): Outbound in sorting center
    2017.01.22 06:00 (GMT-7): Accepted by carrier
    2017.01.22 06:00 (GMT-7): Inbound in sorting center
    2017.01.19 10:00 (GMT-7): Waiting for pick up
    2017.01.17 19:00 (GMT-7): Shipment confirmation

  • Mazly Laalaa

    Hi, i am from singapore.. I try to purchase under epacket but could not find the epacket details after opening the product page. Can i know why..?

  • Matthew Palladino

    If I am from the US and shipping only to the US, does epacket shipping matter if the product is being sent from within the US and not China?

  • Tracking More

    ePacket is a service of China EMS, it has 13 digits. The ePacket tracking number begins with the letter “L”.
    The tracking number begins with LP is an aliexpress standard shipping service.Not the ePacket. You can track it at http://www.trackingmore.com/cainiao-tracking.html , or http://www.trackingmore.com/yanwen-tracking.html .

  • Ashley Bengtzen

    what is the us $ that is next to the epacket ?

  • Amr Abd El Rhman

    Actually i need to do my business at the GCC region in the middle east but they aren’t listed in the eligible countries for epacket , how can i save on shipping costs?

  • merikat12

    epackets shipping cost for that item

  • Ireland is not in the UK, and Scotland is in Great Britain so your breakdown of “UK” is wholly incorrect.

  • Chris Borgan (Borg)

    Has anyone experience having their epacket orders lost from the USPS Airport office from this address:

    9029 Airport Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90009


    I’ve recently had packages to customers that show they’re being delivered from this USPS center but for a few days now, they just show as “In-Transit”, but they never budge. I’ve tried calling that USPS office but noone answers the phone, and the crappy thing about this situation is that since we order e-packet, it’s not insured and thereby you can’t use USPS’s automated tracking service when calling to track the package. It’s like there’s nothing you can do about it but eat the cost of the order payment of the epacket.

    So now I may have to refund my customers because of this USPS which upon googling this office, you can see a lot of bad reviews and similar experiences.

    What would you guys do in this situation?

  • Sandy Wang

    you also can get epacket tracking info from https://www.trackingmore.com/china-post-tracking.html

  • Enrico Barbagallo

    Hi, i’m trying to start a dropshipping shop from Italy. Most of the time ePacket is available for my country but is always appear like tracking information are “Not available”. Is that some type of bug or i won’t acutally get a tracking number. Thank you in advance and sorry for my broken english. 🙂

  • Sam Helena Jaffray

    So, is it only trackable in the US?
    Or UK and canada too?

  • Jay de los Reyes

    The epacket filter is only showing the epacket status for just the top row on Aliexpress. It use to show up for the enitre page. Is there a new update? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/130716c778634079350fd5d73164f2d2f946474f17d8f850a1da163a1695b29c.jpg

  • Rajesh Kanna

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  • Krys

    Hello, I have built all my business by including the epacket delivery dates, but for France there is almost no epacket for 1 month, I had to modify all the dates of delivery of my products, then That Oberlo assures me that there is delivery epacket, it is not yet available when we consult the records of the sellers 🙁

  • Sophie

    I am French and i have a Ecommerce .
    Epacket for France is really hard to find now as Ali Express asked to use for mostly 80 % of the product Ali Express Standard Shipping. Do you have more information about this new rule or about ali express standard shipping ?
    I have to deal with that and when i asked suppliers why they do not use anymore Epacket they say it is a new rule from Ali Express and Ali Express Standsard Shipping is more safe with guarantee. 🙁 For me it is too long !
    Don t know what to do !!!

  • Richard Ames

    Great article sounds really useful, except it contradicts the info on AliExpress.
    I am concerned with changing to an ePacket supplier when it says “No Tracking Information” available, see screenshot. I have enough trouble with customers expecting instant gratification and I don’t want to change something that advertises long shipping times “20-40 day” and not tracking info. This contradicts the information you are providing.
    Who is correct and why are the people trying to sell the ePacket service not fixing their information if it’s wrong?

  • Rollin Shultz

    This is great news for anyone who wants to make profits on drop shipping products, but it has huge drawbacks for those who would buy in bulk then stock and sell products and ship from America to America. I personally noticed that the very same sellers from Aliexpress I dealt with were also selling their goods from Ebay and Amazon and at essentially the same prices as they were offering me. I cannot compete with their prices and I must rely on advanced marketing to even get my foot in the door, but even that is getting out of hand for those starting an online store.
    Here is a story telling how the Postal organizations are in effect subsidizing the Chinese suppliers and losing money that increases cost to tax payers. Because of these subsidies, it is cheaper to get something from China than we can ship to another state here.

    I doubt this will continue under the new Trump administration. It would be wise of us to have a contingency plan. I also see there are those who are petitioning for the stopping of these subsidies, and even though it will affect my profits as well, I must back their message because it is the right thing to do if we want to support American businesses.

  • shay

    I just got 2 sales from Argentina where the shipping time can be from 36 – 60 days, should I cancel those orders or connect the customers to get their approval for such a long shipping time?

  • Raj Kanna

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  • Raj Kanna
  • Sandy Wang

    You can use epacket tracking site to track epacket packages.

  • Michael

    How do returns work? Can a customer in the US send the item back to China via epacket?

  • SBTET WORLD sbtet updates provider

  • Matej Milicevic

    Epacket they do not have this service to country CROATIA!

  • Roee Arbel

    Do the shipping fees to the US (assuming there is no free delivery) change based on zip code or is it a fixed price?
    If they do change, how do I know what final price to charge my customer?

  • Ruta Ganusauskaite

    Hey there Roee,

    Ruta here from Oberlo 😉

    If you’re going to sell in the US only, then the same shipping cost will apply regardless the zip code. However, you do not need to charge your customers the same shipping cost as your supplier will charge you. I would actually recommend you to offer free shipping and incorporate the shipping cost into your products’ price (make it more expensive to cover shipping expenses). Just a suggestion! 😉

    Good luck!

  • Official Esotera

    I noticed that for suppliers, even though there’s a list in this article with 30 countries that support ePacket, why is it that I’ve only seen the US and Canada being ePacket supported?

    For example, I would go to the product page on Aliexpress, and choose, say, Denmark, and the only affordable option is China Post Mail, and not ePacket? That same supplier however, does have ePacket but for United states and not Denmark, or Brazil, etc.

    I would like some insight on this, thanks.

  • Yazeed Sharah

    you need to download the Oberlo extension for google chrome browser

  • Yazeed Sharah

    Hi Amr, have you found a solution? please share

  • Ruta Ganusauskaite

    Hi there!

    Ruta here from Oberlo 😉

    Even if ePacket is available in one country, it still depends on the supplier whether they provide ePacket shipping to that particular country.

  • Mattyboy1965

    Are there any future plans that you know of to provide E-Packet Shipping to the UK?


  • Mattyboy1965

    Any ETA on the possible availability of E-Packet for the UK?


  • Ruta Ganusauskaite


    UK is already in the list! Check it out: https://epacketexpress.com/epacket-shipping-countries-how-long/ 😉

  • Ruta Ganusauskaite

    It’s been answered above 😉

  • George Rissik

    Hi When I do product searches via Oberlo and Aliexpress, I would only like results with ePacket as Delivery Method How do I do this please?

  • Ruta Ganusauskaite

    Hey there George!

    Ruta here from Oberlo 😉

    If you’re about to import a product from AliExpress, you can easily filter products that can be shipped via ePacket. For that to work, you’ll need to have the Oberlo Chrome extension installed onto your Chrome browser.

    Next, go to Aliexpress.com website, to any product category and choose an ePacket applicable country at the top-right of the page (http://take.ms/LSnB8). After that, open Oberlo Chrome Extension and choose “ePacket” as a shipping option and select a certain country (only applicable for shipping to USA, UK, and a few other countries). Update settings and you’ll see products that can be shipped by ePacket. That’s it!

    I’m afraid this feature is not available for Oberlo Supply products yet.

    Hope this helps!

  • Eduardo

    Is this list up to date? I’d like to know if México is included as an available country for the service.

  • Ruta Ganusauskaite

    Hey there,

    Seems that México has been added to the list too: https://epacketexpress.com/epacket-shipping-countries-how-long/

    I’ll make sure the article is updated!

  • ELP Outdoors

    Be aware that e-packet is misleading. What is stated to be 12-20 days to the US via China Post and the USPS, can be more about what ever the shipping company decides is a priority delivery. I now have several packages that are approaching 30 days out and we paid the e-packet fee – These are orders that where placed in June or early July (no Chinese holidays) and am looking at the very likely potential of refunding several customers. As far as I can tell there is no financial recourse on our side. I have had several orders with the same supplier on both side of the June and July date that shipped e-packet and have had deliveries on time with no issue. This is not the manufacturers issues, but a shipping system issue.

    Most of the time things go as expected, but always plan for the unexpected and have a reserve so you can cover customers who will ultimately get their product but you will have to refund because they have no idea (neither will you) on when their package will arrive. BTW, you can refuse refunding them but then you are really not in this for the long haul.

    Just the truth beyond what you all hear/see on YouTube that somehow makes e-packet seem to be your solution.


  • Joshua James

    Thanks appreciate you explaining that. Any idea what percentage of your sales youve had an issue with.
    Just a ballpark

  • Joshua James

    Love the no response on this lol

  • ELP Outdoors

    Generally, everything goes fine with e-packet, but we have two dates that appear to be backed up in July. So it not about % of sales, but orders placed on specific dates from the same supplier that are delayed. We have orders that have delivery is less than 10 days and that is great. Then we other orders that are at almost 30 days that have not delivered, not so great and very frustrating and I we haven’t found any way to hold someone accountable. I look at as if you advertise 12-20 or 7-20 days you should honor it. I will refund my customers because we advertise 2-4 weeks for shipping.

  • Salome Shunamon

    Confused. Your list includes Croatia, Gibralter, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta but I don’t see it on other sites or often on Ali. Meanwhile, I don’t see Greece and others. Is there an exhaustive list somewhere updated for right now? https://epacketexpress.com doesn’t have everything listed, but has others.

  • Salome Shunamon

    @rutaganusauskaite:disqus Confused. Your list includes Croatia, Gibralter, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta but I don’t see it on other sites or often on Ali. https://epacketexpress.com doesn’t have everything listed, but has others. Is there a list right from China?

  • Ruta Ganusauskaite


    Seems like the list has changed. We’ll update it accordingly.

    Thanks so much for bringing that up!

  • 7Basics

    Hi, Everyone-
    I’m just getting started in drop shipping. Do U.S. customers really tolerate 14-20 day lead time? Do you get pushback and or One-Time visitors because of the long delivery time?

  • Magali Henry

    I agree with you! I’m using e-Packet for almost 18 month and it’s really not reliable. Can be the best and the worst! About 25% of my orders are delivered more than 30 days after the purchase. This does not provide a good customer experience. The most important impact is on my brand and «word of mouth». I finally used e-Packet on few items only. The best is to focus on some Chinese suppliers and after few drop shipping orders, they offer free shipping by DHL, which is really the best. Build your relationships with them is the best way to deliver the best service and customer experience and avoid using e-Packet 😉 Hope this help

  • Brien White

    Thank you for this post. I have experience the same shipping times. This is a real problem for a new start up for me due to trying to provide good customer service. It’s a sad problem.

  • Max

    This is also a very handy resource for e-packet tracking and gives you the option to stay up-to-date with real-time email updates: http://www.parcelmonitor.com

  • Kiki Kashyap Hasija

    I totally agree with you. Suppliers from Ali Express are all over Amazon and Ebay. I am scared to even start a dropshipping business as I will be competing with the same products that can be accessed by Americans from these 2 sites at such low prices and similar lead times PLUS pay for advertising online. It’s ridiculous how the Chinese Suppliers are undercutting all mom and pop stores + practically selling anywhere and everywhere. There doesn’t seem to be any regulations because Amazon and Ebay just want to make money too. I actually started out buying in bulk and selling online but I realised the same items are available everywhere such as DH Gate too. I see that ultimately, Chinese suppliers want to sell to the whole world and sell direct to consumer. How in the world does one compete with that?! Correct me if I’m wrong…. My only thought is 1) Find a niche product that sells well 2) Create your own designs to stay exclusive + Add some existing ones….

  • Ruta Ganusauskaite

    Hey there!

    They seem to tolerate it as long as you set clear expectations for them. Your task is to be transparent and make your shipping policy easily accessible on your store. You’ll be surprised by how many don’t mind waiting an extra couple of weeks for their packages to arrive.

    Also, you can always offer free shipping – that way your customers will understand that it’ll probably take a little longer to receive their orders. It will also increase your conversion rates 🙂

  • My biggest issue as the suppliers print out the ePacket label complete with thier prices on it! I’ve asked ahead of time to not do this.
    How do I know? I’ve ordered a few of my own products and sure enough, there they are as well as bold Chinese branding.
    Now most orders are delivered less than 30 days. But one such item I ordered has been lost, and I think it happened here in the US.
    I will continue to use ePacket but very choosy on my suppliers.

  • Vicente Hennep

    I will use e-packet as my primary shipping method for all the reasons mentioned in the great article.
    Yes, some suppliers mess things up. Just change when they do that a second time after you warn them. Also, I only use highly rated suppliers, even if they cost a bit more.

  • Ruta Ganusauskaite

    Hey there Kimberly,

    Suppliers must add the price on the package. Otherwise, the item won’t go through customs. But they usually put a much lower price on it, to avoid additional custom charges. Let your customer know about that in case they come asking questions.

    Good luck!

  • Ruta Ganusauskaite

    That’s a good approach!

    Hope everything’s going well with your store 😉

  • Denis Smith

    I bought several products from some Chinese websites without tracking and I received my items within 15 – 30 days. Sometimes more but that is the average. What if we don’t use tracking system for our dropshipping business?

  • Patrick Oliveira

    Someone could please tell me where I can check e-packet shipping rates to Brazil?

  • Ruta Ganusauskaite


    ePacket is not available in Brazil, I’m afraid. But you can check what other shipping options are available for a particular product on AliExpress product’s page:


    Hope this helps! 🙂

  • Ruta Ganusauskaite

    Hey Denis,

    You simply won’t be able to track your orders. Tracking system won’t affect the shipping time in any way.

    Good luck!

  • Felipe Cardoso

    Hello!! Hello! Yes, it is available for Brazil. I have received some parcels via epacket. 😉

  • John Simcox

    So i have found an item and a seller, the seller doesnt use e-packet. If i add them, does oberlo take care of the shipping for me – so they would simply get a CSV file or similar and use oberlo to ship to the world from china ?
    i am new here and to this model……thanks 🙂

  • Ruta Ganusauskaite

    Ah, is it? That’s perfect, will add it to the list! Thanks for letting us know 🙂

    The shipping fee will depend on the product, so you have to check on the product’s page on AliExpress (just like described above).

    Good luck 🙂

  • Ruta Ganusauskaite

    Hey John!

    Oberlo itself doesn’t handle the shipping. Instead, it’s your supplier who does. Therefore, it’s up to you which delivery method you choose before ordering the product.

    By the way, your customer’s address will be filled in automatically, so you don’t have to worry about that 🙂

    Let me know if that’s unclear, I’ll gladly help you out 😉

  • John Simcox

    Thank you very much I appreciate that what I’m finding is the suppliers don’t know how to use the eight pack it service they’re telling me it’s nine dollars to ship a package that weighs about 2 ounces. Is there a place or a way to educate them how they can start using the eight pack a service for the low prices that we see on eBay and Amazon thank you

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  • If you need to send something to your family or send your business documents at ease, we are sending cheap Courier Service Delhi to Australia.
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  • Ruta Ganusauskaite

    I doubt you’ll be able to make them add a new delivery option. You need to choose from the delivery methods’ list that they already provide.

    Note, that there are several suppliers who sell the same goods, so you can always look for the one that offers the best delivery options, e.g. ePacket 😉

  • Jana

    Please, is there a way to contact ePacket to discuss about adding new country to them service?

  • Ruta Ganusauskaite

    Hey there!

    I’m afraid I don’t have a direct contact. Anyhow, I doubt they’d be willing to add a new country easily. I believe it’s a long process, but the list keeps expanding. So stay tuned!

  • Global Exchain

    Found your blog. Its really nice on courier. I appreciate your article. Its important to get quality courier services. So thanks for sharing all that important information.

  • Epifanio

    I strongly advise you to be VERY clear about shipping times and make them VERY accessible (even put it on the home page). Do not take for granted what the guys from Oberlo are saying. They’re obviously making things look easier than they really are. Customers from U.S., Australia, Europe and other developed countries have clear expectations and standards when they buy online. If they buy from Amazon they expect Amazon’s shipping times, the same applies if they buy directly from AliExpress. In that case they wouldn’t mind.

    But if they buy from a random local online store, they would expect local shipping time, which is typically 3-5 days. You’re seriously better off highlighting the 2-4 weeks delivery time. Do not rely on the customer digging in your shipping policy or ToS pages because most people wouldn’t bother. They will just see that you’re a local business and order straight away taking for granted a few days wait. So do all you can to drive the customers to the section where you state that it will take that long to deliver. Also, keep in mind that even if they wouldn’t mind, that doesn’t mean they will be happy with that. Especially if you plan to make your buyer a returning customer.

    Waiting 2-3 weeks on average and even up to 1 month is not a good customer experience. Especially for returning customers that should wait that long every time they make a purchase. It’s a put-off really. We haven’t had any formal complain so far but on our social accounts people do talks about this and the sentiment is not really positive. Just use this “dropshipping” method to test for product demand and once you verify that there is indeed one, switch to a more profitable model.

  • Epifanio

    Guys, i understand that you are writing a blog article to drive customers to your product, but the description of the e-packet service is a bit too much optimistic. As others have pointed out, e-packet is an unreliable shipping service. Parcels may get stuck in a sorting centre in China for 1 or even 2 weeks, or go missing even though it’s traceable. Also, it is a bit misleading showing that occurrence of a 4 day delivery to New York. That’s a very edge case. Most take 2-3 weeks. So be advised that this shipping method may get you in troubles with your customers if they are not prepared.

    The only reasonable thing you can do is just telling the truth: stuffs will be shipped from China and may get up to 1 month. Not a good impression and poor customer experience but at least your customers will be prepared upfront. And they will find out anyway because it’s boldly printed on the shipping label.

  • Epifanio

    It’s been like that for some time now. They are on all major e-commerce platforms. Not only suppliers but even manufacturers are now selling directly on Ebay, Amazon, etc. Many of the “suppliers” on AliExpress are manufacturers. You simply cannot compete with them, that is why you should not sell on Ebay or Amazon. These marketplaces are no longer a “retail” space. They have turned into wholesale marketplaces. I noticed that usually manufacturers sell with a 100% markup compared to factory prices, so if you are buying from them in bulk from the factory be aware of that.

    And yes, you need a ton of capital to invest in huge marketing campaigns to just get your foot in the door. There is no other way out.

  • Epifanio

    Are you buying in bulk straight from the manufacturers or from AliExpress. If you buy in bulk from AliExpress there is not much difference with the sale prices. AliExpress is a retail online store. You need to talk factory prices, which usually means going to Alibaba and contacting a manufacturer there. I also agree that the only way to succeed is designing your own items or at the very least doing OEM putting your brand on them.

  • Rollin Shultz

    Yes, it seems like the only possible resource is direct manufacturers like on Alibaba. You must buy in sizable lots to get good pricing, which means you may only be able to fund a few products. I chose electronic components and kits as my niche, but that means I must carry many products.

    I have shelved the whole idea now that I have other things taking precedence.

  • David

    I’ve sold a number of drop-shipped products that I sourced directly through Oberlo, not even using AliExpress. Many of the packages are now tracking as “Exception” which I am concerned about. I agree that you can review sellers on AliExpress when selecting drop-shipping products, but does Oberlo do that for the products suggested on their site? How do we rate their sellers? Hopefully I’m not about to give back a bunch of my sales dollars, this would essentially kill my store. When we source drop shipped products through Oberlo directly, what is our recourse?


  • Bill

    Hi Everybody, I have just launched a women’s Fashion store stocked from Ali Express and ordered 2 tops as a test for quality and delivery and it is a nightmare. One top took 20 days the other I am still waiting for after 6 weeks. Quality was not that good, not only that but Chinese sizes do not fit western women and you have to adjust size and the customer has to accurately measure before ordering. My daughter tried one of the tops and it would not go over the shoulder although ordered to UK size and the design was poor. You cannot run an online store like this therefore I am looking for European clothing manufacturers but found none to date that would drop-ship. My experience says do not use Ali Express for women’s clothing unless anyone can give me a solution.

  • Bill

    All these discussions show why Amazon, Ebay and large online stores do not worry about the low price of Chinese goods with delivery dates of up to 3 months. They are big enough to get priority manufacture and delivery with their large turnover. My daughters would not buy from my small online store, they would rather go into town and buy and try in Pri-Mark and other large retailers. My store is doomed before it starts unless I find some other way of sourcing products. Up to now I cannot see a solution here.

  • KayDee Sibbs

    Hey @Magali Henry can i have your personal email to contact you. Want to ask about what you wrote above

  • Magali Henry

    Hi @kaydeesibbs:disqus, you can email at info@runit365.com. I’ll be glad to help you.
    Have a great day.

  • KayDee Sibbs


  • Ruta Ganusauskaite


    My colleague Tauras has already replied to your inquiry. Hope that helps!

  • Ruta Ganusauskaite

    Hey there,

    I’m so sorry you had such bad experience!

    Before ordering the products, did you have a chance to read this article? https://www.oberlo.com/blog/dropshipping-suppliers/ It helps you pick the most reliable suppliers only and I highly recommend to use it for your future orders.

    Regarding the size charts: we’ve put together a comprehensive guide that will help you pick the right size, have a look: https://www.oberlo.com/blog/convert-asian-sizes-to-us-sizes

    Keep in mind, that not all AliExpress suppliers are like that. Lots of people run successful stores and they’re happy with their suppliers. You just need some time and effort to find the right supplier. Let me know if you ever need help with that!

  • Ruta Ganusauskaite


    While I believe Raghav wrote the article based on his or other merchants’ experience, I do agree that not everthing works like a clock all the time. And I’m sorry if you had to wait for your product longer than expected – happened to me once and I totally know how frustrating this is.

    Anyway, I could not agree with you more – you need to set clear expectations for your customers by letting them know about the delivery times.

    Regarding the logos on labels: with Oberlo you can automatically send a custom note to your suppliers each time you place an order on AliExpress platform.

    Just go to Oberlo > Settings > Suppliers and add a custom note as shown here: http://take.ms/ph5d5. This way, your supplier will be notified to remove invoices or any promotional information in the package.

    Try putting there something like:

    “I’m dropshipping. Please DO NOT put any invoices, promotions or your brand name logo in the shipments. Please ship as soon as possible for repeat business. Thank you!”

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  • Lambano Direct

    Thanks for your comment Magali. That helps alot. will send you an email too

  • Tay Wei Kiang

    My store had a buyer from Japan which I never catered for, hence my Ali vendor does not hav ePacket for that country.
    What’s the next best shipping method?

  • Magali Henry

    Feel free, I’ll be glad to help!

  • Ruta Ganusauskaite


    I’m not familiar with the alternative shipping methods your supplier offers, thus I can’t give you a precise answer. But go with the one that gives the best cost/delivery time ratio.

    Good luck!

  • Is epacket available in Trinidad an Tobago?

  • Ruta Ganusauskaite

    Hey! I don’t see it in the list. That means no 🙁

  • ePacket Express

    Hi Sophie,

    This is a common problem when using AliExpress. Sellers on AliExpress choose shipping methods, and there is not much you can do about it.

    However, there are a couple of options you can try. You can reach sellers on AliExpress and see if they would be willing to allow you to use a different shipping method. However, it sounds like you’ve already tried that with no success.

    Alternatively, you can buy small quantities of products directly from manufacturers (or maybe even Aliexpress) and use a shipping company that caters to ecommerce stores such as yours. This would allow you to use ePacket.

    Hope that helps!

  • Fátima Alcobia

    Hello, I’ve just received a packadge that I ordered at the site (http://www.easypeasysites.co.uk/). The item I ordered was delivered by ePacket.
    I need to return the packadge because the product is not what I ordered. Can you help me? To whom should I return the packadge? To the sender, which is ePacket – the adress that appears on the tag of the packadge? At easypeasy site they dont have instructions for returning items. Thank you

  • Ruta Ganusauskaite

    Hello there,

    You should get in touch with your supplier regarding this. They’re responsible for the shipment of the item, therefore they’ll be able to advise you on how to return the item.

    I hope it will go smoothly! Good luck!

  • Natasa Radicevic

    Hi Felipe,

    Actually, Brazil is not on the supported countries list for ePacket yet. However, China Post EMS offers another service called eExpress. This service does support shipping Brazil.

  • Natasa Radicevic

    Hi Eduardo,

    Mexico is on the list of supported countries for ePacket.

  • Epifanio

    After some more thorough analysis using the EMS tracking services we have found out that the parcels get stuck or lost not in China but in the destination countries. In our case they get stuck/lost in sorting centres in AUS and the USA, and they actually leave China in 2-3 days.

    Nice to know that the unreliability are with Australia Post and the US Postal Service.

    Just to give Caesar what belongs to Caesar….

  • Abdul Olatunde

    Which ePacket country is the most farthest from China and Hong kong and cost the most to ship to with ePacket? i’ll like to use it to know the highest shipping cost a customer will encounter when ordering from my store.

  • Andrew Mcalpine

    how do i know the shipping price ?

  • Ruta Ganusauskaite

    Hi, there!

    It is difficult to answer a question like this. The shipping fee depends on the package weight as well. The ePacket shipping can be free or even cost about 5.00 USD for bigger products. 🙂

  • Ruta Ganusauskaite

    Hi, Andrew!

    You can know the shipping cost on every product’s page. Click on these links [http://take.ms/m4eWr and http://take.ms/HzVYk%5D as the example.

    Let me know if there is anything else you would like to know! 🙂

  • Global Exchain

    Its really a good blog on shipping services. I appreciate your article. This blog is really helpful to give you the informattion of shipping services. So thanks for sharing all that important information.

  • Stone & Yellow

    Do you have any hands on suggestions for showing directly from the post office in china? We are currently looking into doing drop shipping from our home and can’t seem to figure out how to keep the shipment costs down
    If someone has and experience within china I would love to hear about it.
    For exaple: where do we print out the addresses? What’s the best shipping company options? We’ve compared prices and even send out a few from here to other counties but the prices on their website don’t match the prices of the shipment costs in the post office. Anyways, load of questions… so if you have some insight I would love to hear about it.

  • Ruta Ganusauskaite


    I’d recommend choosing ePacket as your delivery method. It’s relatively cheap and fast. In fact, that’s what most of dropshippers do.

    And note, that you will not need to handle the shipping yourself. It’s your supplier who does it for you.

    Hope that makes sense! Give me a shout if you have questions 🙂

  • Miguel F. Cavazos

    I was using the free starter plan. Then I picked the Basic plan and approved the charge. After doing that I accidentally reverted back to the Free starter plan by clicking the button. Am I going to be charged for the monthly plan for this? If I go back to the Basic plan will I be charged double for both instances? I did this all within minutes…

  • Miguel F. Cavazos

    Also, my products page just keeps showing a revolving circle and won’t load correctly. It shows I have ’10’ products but won’t load any information on them at all.

  • Ruta Ganusauskaite

    Hello, Miguel,

    It’s hard to answer without looking at your account. You should forward these questions to our Customer Success team at hello@oberlo.com. These guys will have a look and get back to you with answers!

  • Haseeb Ziaa

    Thanks appreciate you explaining that.

  • Shaan Khan

    Hi Raghav, great article! Just wanted to ask – on the “Shipping” page for my dropshipping website, which carriers should I mention that my store uses? I’m mainly targeting the US (though I’m sure I will be selling to people all over the world), so would it still be okay to mention that customers can input their tracking number on the EMS and ePacket China Post websites as well? Thanks in advance 🙂

  • Shaan Khan

    Or should I just mention the tracking websites (because I suppose carriers will vary depending on country right?)

  • Shaan Khan

    Also, does EMS hand over the parcel to USPS once the parcel enters the US? Or is it EMS all the way? If it’s the former, then surely the customer’s tracking number will be useless on the USPS website until the parcel reaches the US?

  • Lee Irvin

    HEY Raghav Haran, your ebook input isn’t working on this site.

  • Ruta Ganusauskaite

    Hi there,

    You should have received it in your inbox. Could you double-check?

    Alternatively, you can download it using this link too: https://www.oberlo.com/ebooks.


  • Angela Andrews

    I too would like info on Chinese supplies that offer free shipping with DHL@magali_henry:disqus

  • Ccenk

    Hi Raghav,

    What if packet go to Customer, but costomer not in home. Is packet going back or nearest postal service store

  • Laserheart

    This is all fine and dandy, until Trump cancels the program… 🙁

  • marcelo

    So if I drop ship to mexico it will take 20 business days? that means 1 month in real time? Is there a way to make it shorter?

  • I use only this tracker https://chinapost-track.com/

  • Ruta Ganusauskaite

    Hey Marcelo! That’s right. Lot’s of successful dropshippers use ePacket and they’re not out of business 🙂

    Your customers won’t mind the delivery time as long as you set clear expectations for them. You should let your users know about the delivery times in your Shipping Policy page on your store. You’ll be surprised by how many don’t mind waiting an extra couple of days for their packages to arrive.

    Good luck!

  • Natasa Radicevic

    I need to correct myself. As of month ago Brazil is supported by ePacket shipping.

  • Natasa Radicevic

    Hi Enrico, every package sent via ePacket shipping service has a tracking number. If your package doesn’t have tracking check with your seller if he actually used ePacket to ship the package.

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